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Diagonal Floor Plan Here’s a name that is exactly what it sounds like – a diagonal means that shelves and displays are placed in several diagonal rows. Diagonal may be a wise choice to use depending on the location of your and the cost of your merchandise.

Visual Merchandising Chapter 4. Design and . “Shopper found dead in local ; cause of death – boredom”. No other variable in the mix influences the consumer’s initial perceptions of a bricks & mortar as much as the itself.

, Contact us- we will design as per your space #decoration #design #mall #__interior #shop_designing.

A well-planned allows a to maximize the sales for each square foot of the allocated selling space within the . generally show the size and location of each department, any permanent structures, fixture locations and customer traffic patterns.

Which is best for your business? When setting up a it is imperative to remember that the situation is much like it is in Hollywood; namely, image is absolutely everything.



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